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Lincoln Park’s Hotel Lincoln & Salvatore’s Wedding Reception – Erika + Frank

Frank and Erika had a beautifully classic, Chicago wedding that took place in Lincoln Park, the most beautiful neighborhood in the city (though I may be biased since I live there). Both bride and groom got ready with their wedding party at the┬áHotel Lincoln. Erika’s dress was a lovely, 1920’s style gown with detailed beading and a loose waist. I …

Intimate Gold Coast Wedding at Gilt Bar Reception – Aaron + Claire

Claire and Aaron’s intimate Chicago wedding took place at the Thompson Hotel in the Gold Coast, with a beautifully cozy dinner reception following in the library of Gilt Bar in River West. This was the couple’s second marriage, so they chose to go the short and sweet route. Claire’s son walked her down the aisle, where Aaron met her with a big smile and lots of laughter sprinkled the ceremony. Afterwards, the couple chose to forego any big portrait sessions, dancing, or speeches. Instead, friends and family gathered together and simply mingled in joyful celebration.