Indian Fusion Wedding at the Drake Hotel in Chicago – Todd + Mona

Indian fusion wedding invitation and ring shot

Brace yourself, because you’re about to get slammed with so many gorgeous images! The visual richness found in Indian weddings always amazes and inspires me as a photographer and artist, and Mona and Todd’s beautiful day was no exception. This Indian Fusion wedding at The Drake Hotel in Chicago was on a mild winter day with no snow on the ground. The warmer weather was especially important, because it made it possible (and enjoyable!) for the groom to be able to ride the horse during the baraat. After the ceremony, Todd felt a bit sick, so we used the time to take some gorgeous portraits of Mona inside their hotel suite while he rested. At the reception, the bride’s Mother-in-law surprised the couple with an impressive ice sculpture bar. The detail shots especially delight me – the intricate Mehendi designs (meaning the hand-drawn henna tattoos seen below on the bride’s hands), the perfectly exquisite shoes of the groom, the ornamentations seen on the groom’s white horse, the bride’s delicate headdress, not to mention the looks of pure joy on the bride and groom’s faces! Enjoy!

Mehendi designs hand-drawn on the Bride's hands.

Getting ready photos of the bride as she puts on a traditional Indian wedding sari. 

Groom's traditional Indian shoes

Groom getting ready at The Drake Hotel in Chicago

First look of the bride and groom at The Drake Hotel in Chicago

Intimate moment between the bride and the groom before the traditional Indian ceremony.

Portraits of the bride and groom from an Indian fusion wedding in downtown Chicago

Groom riding the horse during the traditional baraat. 

Groom dances with his wedding guests outside The Drake hotel in Chicago during the baraat. 

Groom enters the reception during an Indian fusion wedding.

Indian fusion wedding ceremony at The Drake in downtown Chicago.

Bride and Groom whisper to each other during a traditional Indian ceremony in Chicago.

Traditional Indian ceremony at The Drake hotel in downtown Chicago.

Details shots of the Indian ceremony.

Bride and groom showered with flower petals during this Indian ceremony in Chicago.

Bride and Groom leave their traditional Indian ceremony in Chicago. 

Bridal portraits of a beautiful Indian bride.

Details of an Indian bride's wedding outfit.

Indian wedding ice Sculpture bar at The Drake hotel in downtown Chicago.

Bride and groom dancing at their Indian fusion wedding in downtown Chicago.

Reception photography at an Indian fusion wedding.

Cutting the cake.

Bride and groom toasting with champagne during the reception.

Wedding toast to the bride and groom.

Bride and groom at an Indian fusion wedding.

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  • Seeing a White Groom in an Indian Attire is always fascinating! Being a Wedding Photographer myself, I have to say, these photographs are beautiful!


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