Field Museum’s Night of Ideas event

Earlier this year, the Field Museum hosted the first ever Night of Ideas event in Chicago with the Consulate General of France. The Night of Ideas concept originated in France, and is now held in over 100 cities across 5 continents. For the first time ever, they came to Chicago. And I am honored to be there to document such a special event for The French Consulate and the Field Museum.

This was truly an awesome night! 150 speakers and performers from 35 institutions performed for the 10,000+ registered guests. These speakers and performers came from Chicago, France, and beyond. For six hours, they performed and presented, sharing and talking about their ideas around this year’s theme, Alive!. Topics include humans, climate change, technology, empowerment, and urban sustainability. These talks and performances were held all around the Field Museum throughout the night. You can think of it as an intellectual marathon. This year’s affair was a tremendous success and I hope this will become a new tradition in Chicago every year!

opening of Field Museum, Night of Ideas event, Chicago
To start, Michael Greenstone is speaking about Global energy challenge
guests gathering and asking questions at Night of Ideas
Here, guests are interacting with one of the performers
movement group performing at Field Museum
As seen here, a movement group is getting the crowd involved
speaking amongst the dinosaurs at Night of Ideas
In this photo, a speaker is talking amongst the dinosaurs
guests at the Night of the Museum Alive Field Museum
Truthfully, I loved the colors of the event. The nighttime event, in the museum, with the purples, gave it a classy, nighttime theme.
one of the many speakers at the Field Museum Night of Ideas event
So many speakers engaged with the registered guests at the event.
getting the crowd involved at the Night of Ideas event
yoga at Night of Ideas Alive, Field Museum
Yoga in the Field Museum is NOT something that everyone can say that they’ve done before! Thankfully, these guests can say that they have! CorePower Yoga has this crowd engaged!
jugglers at Night of Ideas Field Museum
Here, juggling artists Jérôme Thomas, Jörg Müller & Martin Schwietzke performing at the Night of Ideas event.
guests excited to see exhibits at Night of Ideas, Field Museum
In this photograph, this guest was delightfully surprised with the animal on exhibit.
happy guests at the Night of Ideas Field Museum event
dancers perform at Field Museum's Alive event
Here, The Era Footwork Crew are literally off their feet 🙂

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