Proposal at Lincoln Park and Engagement Party at Hotel Lincoln – Jeremy + Alissa

Sometimes rainy days can really mess with the best laid plans, but thankfully this lovely proposal turned out as beautiful as ever! Jeremy and Alissa live near Lincoln Park, so Jeremy decided to plan out the perfect September proposal that included a gorgeous view, their new puppy, AND all their family and friends. Having recently won a very nice DSLR camera at a silent auction, his plan was to convince Alissa to go for a walk with their dog and “test out” his new camera at the zoo, before having dinner at Cafe Brauer afterwards. Unfortunately, the day turned out to be cloudy and sporadically drizzly; the kind of day that makes it difficult to predict whether or not it would be raining at sunset. Somehow, he still managed to convince Alissa to leave the house with the dog and the new camera. My assistant and I were ready and waiting at Hotel Lincoln, where Jeremy had reserved a room at Perennial Virant for a post-proposal engagement party. All their closest family and friends were there decorating the room and waiting to celebrate.

I was in constant communication with Jeremy. The moment he and Alissa left their house, my assistant and I sprang into action and ran over to the bridge at South Pond for some candid photos. While I waited by the bridge, my assistant stood at the honeycomb and pretended to be a tourist taking photos of nothing in particular. When Jeremy and Alissa arrived at the honeycomb, they asked my “tourist” assistant to take some pictures of the three of them, giving Jeremy the perfect opportunity to kneel down and ask Alissa to be his wife! Once she said yes, he let his friends and family know and they excitedly swarmed over to the honeycomb to congratulate the happy couple! After a few moments of bliss before the family converged on them, Jeremy and Alissa joyfully went back to the hotel to continue the celebration.

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