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About Eva



(Photo by Candice Cusic)

Born and raised in Hong Kong before moving to the United States in the 90s, I now live in Chicago’s Lincoln Park with my husband and two sons, who keep both me and my cameras busy. My husband has been trying to convince me to dye my hair purple for years now, but I’m still working up the courage.

What I Love

I love pineapple on my pizza and binge watching on Hulu. My favorite movies have to be Four Weddings and a Funeral and The Shining, though any comedies or psychological thrillers will do. I’m a big fan of adult coloring books. I am also a shoe fanatic, and a Coca Cola addict (sorry, Pepsi). I am an artist who happens to be pretty good at math (scoring a 780 on the SAT). I love beautiful light. I am a bit of a geek when it comes to photography.

What I Do

I love people. There’s a thrill for me every time that I get meet new people and hear their stories. Before becoming a professional photographer, I had worked in IT consulting in the financial services industry. I made a jump to start my photography business in 2011 after my oldest son was born to have a more flexible schedule. After I photographed my first wedding in 2012, It immediately became obvious I simply had to keep telling these stories from behind my lens, creating photographs that both capture and transcend the moment. With my signature photojournalistic style, I help make a day that comes only once in a lifetime feel timeless.

Photographer Eva Ho and Her Family at Lincoln Park Zoo

Eva with her two boys and husband. (Photo at Lincoln Park Zoo by Cathy Bock)