Wedding at the University Club of Chicago

Carolyn and Ryan's wedding took place at the University Club of Chicago on a beautiful, but very hot, summer's day in July. During our pre-wedding consultations, I was struck by how sweet this couple was and how Ryan kept repeating "whatever Carolyn wants!" Too cute! Because of the heat, we spent most of the day indoors, although we managed to sneak out for a few quick photos on an outer balcony and to catch the tail-end of Navy Pier's fireworks display. Before the ceremony, Carolyn and Ryan wanted to exchange letters, so they met at a corner of a hallway where they could hold hands without actually seeing each other. I loved that Ryan teared up a bit at all the loving things Carolyn wrote! The wedding itself was a blast - so big and full of dancing all the way till the end of the night. Just the way a good party should be!