Newborn with Twin Siblings Special Moments Captured
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Newborn with Twin Siblings Special Moments Captured

François and Sune moved to Chicago from South Africa and started a family here in Lincoln Park.  After having a boy/girl twin in 2011, the Millard family welcomed another baby boy four years later.  Older brother and sister love their little brother to pieces.  These early days at home moments are priceless and was forever captured in photographs.  While baby boy spent most time with mom at home, big brother and big sister can't get their hands off him when they are not at school.  They couldn't wait for him to grow up so they can all play together!

A special heirloom album was made with these precious memories so they can be passed down for generations to come without worrying about technology making digital media obsolete.  

Location: 615 W Deming Pl., Chicago, IL .