Surprised Proposal In Front of Chicago Skyline
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Surprised Proposal In Front of Chicago Skyline

Kal and Bonnie were visiting Chicago from Houston for the first time and Kal had planned a surprise for his girlfriend of eight months.  He was going to pop the question.  He contacted me a week ago to document this monumental event and we came up with a plan that fit their personalities and a location that is breathtaking and representative of Chicago.   

The big day came and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with a perfect temperature of 72 degree.  Kal and I carried out our plan.  I distracted Bonnie while Kal was getting ready.  When Bonnie turned around and saw Kal down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand, she was completely surprised.  She was speechless for a minute before she could say "of course!", even though Kal was too nervous at first and opened the box facing him instead of showing Bonnie the gorgeous, sparkly ring that was inside the box.

Congratulations, Kal and Bonnie!  I feel so honored to be there when they get engaged and privileged to be able to document this big chapter of their lives.  Theses pictures will forever help you remember that day when all these happened and how you felt. 

Location: Chicago, IL .