Chicago Engagement Ceremony at St Clement in Lincoln Park – Chad + Elizabeth

Saint Clement Catholic Church is one of the most beautiful churches you will find in Chicago Lincoln Park.  Elizabeth and Chad had the most beautiful engagement ceremony at the beautifully splendid St. Clement Church in Lincoln Park. I met Elizabeth a few years ago at the Kellogg’s Purple Tie Event, an event for students and graduates of the Kellogg School of Management (great program, by the way, go ‘cats!). Not only did Elizabeth and I graduated from this program, so did the priest! The engagement ceremony was attended by a small group of their closest family and friends. After the short and semi-formal ceremony, everyone walked down the street to a private property for an engagement party. Guests were told the house was part of the church’s.  But once everyone was arrived, Elizabeth and Chad joyfully announced that the house was actually just purchased…by them! They described their plan to completely gut the house, which was very dated, and to move in together after the renovations, which were expected to take 12-14 months. At the party, Elizabeth and Chad had Indian food catered and dhal made fresh in the backyard. The entire party enjoyed touring the house together and partaking in all the delicious food and drinks. Congratulations, Elizabeth and Chad!

The engagement ceremony is short and sweet. The prest is also a Kellogg alum.Guests walked down the street from Saint Clement Church to an off-site location that is part of the church, or so they were told. Once everyone arrived, they are all gathered in front of the fireplace.  And the newly engaged couple is going to make the big announcement! Guests were all delighted that Elizabeth and Chad had secretly bought the house and they are the first people visiting their new house, before it will be gutted and remodel to fit their lifestyle. Will you be my bridesmaid?  All the guests were given a tour of the house. Chef is making fresh dahl in the backyard.

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